Poker GoPro is an agency company which offers poker players from around the world the chance to be staked for tournament play and receive a share of their profits every month!

We have close connections with poker staking companies and we work on their behalf as an agent to filter applications from poker players who wish to be staked.

All you have to do is complete the simple application form (click the “APPLY NOW” button below) and we will do the rest for you!!!

Players who have solid statistics will usually be assessed positively and be selected for joining the staking team immediately without any trial period.

If you are a player who did not play much online and/or you don’t have solid statistics or no statistics at all, don’t worry! You may still qualify for staking! You may be selected to join a trial players list and get a fair chance of assessment through a trial period. In order to be assessed, such players may be asked to play a small number of micro/mini stake tournaments for a short trial period in a selected poker platform and their progress will be monitored. If the monitoring team is happy with your performance during the trial period, you have a big chance to join the staking team in the following month!

The cost for examining your application is a one-time payment of €4.50 (we accept all major payment methods). This amount includes the application assessment process and monitoring service in case you join the trial list for next month. Please note that although Poker GoPro is responsible for examining applications for all players and making recommendations for staking during the application and trial period, the final decision is taken by the staking company.

In addition, we have a gift for you! As soon as you apply and you pay the application fee of €4.50, you will receive a free entry for a €10 buy in tournament in the poker platform which we use for monitoring the candidate players (Poker GoPro will retain 75% of earnings in case the player is ITM).

Players who will be selected to join the staking team will be subject to the staking terms and conditions which will be disclosed to them before the staking process starts.

If you have any questions about the staking terms and conditions or any other question in general, please send us an email at support@pokergopro.com or message us in Facebook Messenger. We will be happy to answer any question you may have.
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